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Strategies to Expand Battered Women's Economic Opportunities

This document is an overview of strategies implemented to increase economic opportunities for low-income women and families. Organizing efforts, job training and opportunity development, creating assets, and governmental responses are described.

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VAWnet Summary:

Strategies to Expand Battered Women's Economic Opportunities by Amy Correia, National Resource Center on Domestic Violence (January 2000)
This document provides basic information to domestic violence advocates on specific strategies being implemented around the United States to increase economic opportunties for low-income women and families.

The paper's sections discuss: organizing efforts including grassroots and labor union organizing; the creation of job opportunities and job training including welfare-to-work programs, sectoral employment, microenterprise and self-employment, not-for-profit business ventures, and workplace policies for battered women; ways of creating assets including higher education access and individual development; and, governmental responses including Temporary Assistance to Needy Families(TANF) and Child Support Enforcement(CSE). Each section includes a definition of the strategy and program examples. The appendix includes a glossary of terms and a resource list; Footnotes also included.

This paper was published in January 2000 as the ninth in a series of policy and practice papers from the Building Comprehensive Solutions to Domestic Violence initiative of the National Resource Center on Domestic Violence, a project of the Pennsylvania Coalition Against Domestic Violence.

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This material was adapted from the publication entitled, The Workplace Responds to Domestic Violence: A Resource Guide for Employers, Unions and Advocates, produced by the Family Violence Prevention Fund. Edited by Donna Norton, Esq., Stephen T. Moskey, Ph.D., and Elizabeth Bernstein. The case study was provided by Wells Fargo and Company EAP.