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VAWnet: Applied Research Papers

VAWnet’s Applied Research Project brings together domestic and sexual violence researchers and practitioners who support the production of high-quality, peer reviewed Applied Research papers designed to synthesize and interpret current research on violence against women, offering a review of the literature and implications for practice.

Each of the 10-12 page papers listed in the tabs below are designed to be used for a variety of purposes: training and education, influencing public policy, systems advocacy, staff and professional development, grant writing, and program development. Read more about the Applied Research Document Development & Review Process.

Access the full list of papers in printable format. If for any reason you cannot find what you're searching for, please send us a materials request via our online contact form.

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July 2015
This paper provides an update to Mary Gilfus’ (2002) publication on the pathways from victimization to incarceration among women and girls, based on the relevant research published in the past 12 years. This research provides additional findings about the extent of victimization experienced by women and girls under correctional control, and a deeper understanding of the ways in which experience of victimization can lead to incarceration.
Authors: Melissa E. Dichter in consultation with Sue Osthoff
December 2012
This Applied Research paper provides research findings concerning violence against pregnant and postpartum women, discusses some of the strengths and limitations of these studies, and concludes with comments concerning the implications of this work for practice and research.
Authors: Sandra L. Martin, Jennet Arcara, and McLean D. Pollock
Updated July 2011
This document reviews the new research, policies, and programs focused on children who have witnessed adult domestic violence. It argues that the diversity of children’s experiences requires equally diverse responses from those who serve them.
Authors: Jeffrey Edleson In consultation with Barbara Nissley
August 2009
This Applied Research paper reviews the definition, evolution, and utilization of ìbattered woman syndromeî in the courts and offers a critique of its framework and its use.
Authors: Mary Ann Dutton With contributions from Sue Osthoff and Melissa Dichter
August 2009
This Applied Research paper presents an overview of the uses of expert testimony, the qualifications and roles of experts, the literature on the use of testimony on the effects of battering, and considerations for future research.
Authors: Kathleen J. Ferraro and NoÎl Bridget Busch-Armendariz
June 2009
This Applied Research paper provides a brief overview of research on the impact of sexual violence on females’ high-risk health behaviors and reproductive health, focusing on studies of sexual assault or rape experienced primarily during adulthood.
Authors: Sandra L. Martin and Rebecca J. Macy With contributions from Janice A. Mirabassi
September 2006
This paper consolidates knowledge about the damaging interplay between homelessness and sexual violence. It clarifies steps researchers, policy-makers, and service providers can take to intervene with victims and prevent future sexual assaults.
Authors: Lisa A. Goodman, Ph.D., Katya Fels, & Catherine Glenn, M.A. With contributions from Judy Benitez
March 2006
"This document describes current research findings on the effects of childhood and adulthood sexual victimization on women's mental health. Existing data on understudied communities and risk factors for mental health problems are discussed."
Authors: Nicole P. Yuan, Mary P. Koss, and Mirto Stone
December 2002
Violence perpetrated against women and girls increases their risk of arrest and incarceration; this paper examines the intersections of violence that are forcing abused girls and women into the criminal justice system not as victims, but as offenders.
Authors: Mary E. Gilfus
Revised April 1999
"Discusses children's problems associated with exposure and factors that influence the degree of those problems. The author offers a critique of the research methods used to study child witnessing and explores policy implications of the data on this issue."
Authors: Jeffrey L. Edleson