Domestic Violence: Intervention

This area contains information on the development and delivery of safe and appropriate services for victims of domestic violence and their children, offering tools for advocates or counselors in community-based domestic violence programs as well as helping professionals in human service arenas or institutional settings who encounter domestic violence victimization in their work. Materials explore approaches addressing intersecting life circumstances or co-occurring issues.

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Updated January 2016
This collection highlights key resources for the EITC, the Child Tax Credit, Health Coverage Tax Credits, and others, highlighting resources specific to domestic violence survivors and advocates working with survivors.
Authors: Anna Melbin
Updated December 2011
This special collection was developed to assist advocates working on and interested in Asset Building and Individual Development Accounts (IDAs), including how they specifically relate to survivors of domestic violence.
Authors: Anna Melbin for the National Resource Center on Domestic Violence
Updated May 2009
This collection emphasizes key documents on children and poverty, how poverty is measured, the intersection of domestic violence and poverty, and media messaging.
Authors: National Resource Center on Domestic Violence
This collection includes key documents about credit reports, building and repairing credit, the Community Reinvestment Act, credit counseling, credit discrimination, credit and housing, and predatory and payday lending.
Authors: National Resource Center on Domestic Violence
This collection includes materials related to welfare, now known as the Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF), with a particular focus on the Family Violence Option and related provisions and their implementation at the federal and state level.
Authors: National Resource Center on Domestic Violence