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Severe Penalties for Domestic Violence from ESPN, 8/28/14

August 29th, 2014 CaseyKeene No comments

“The NFL is immediately implementing a sweeping domestic violence initiative under its personal conduct policy that calls for a six-game suspension for a first offense and a lifetime ban from the league for a second offense.”

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The Ray Rice Teachable Moment: Coaching Boys Into Men from the Huffington Post, 8/8/14

August 11th, 2014 CaseyKeene No comments

“Many of the media pundits who are rightly outraged by the NFL’s penalty for Ray Rice’s domestic violence incident are asking, ‘What kind of message is the NFL sending to women and girls about how they are valued in society?’ We have another question: What kinds of messages are young boys receiving from the Ray Rice incident?”

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How can I support adult survivors of child sexual abuse when their trauma resurfaces?

July 31st, 2014 CaseyKeene No comments

Healing from child sexual abuse (CSA) can be a lifelong journey. As national TA providers, we get lots of questions from adult survivors of CSA who are looking for referrals, resources and answers to some challenging questions.

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America’s Long, Slow About-Face on Domestic Violence from Real Clear Politics, 7/23/14

July 25th, 2014 CaseyKeene No comments

This article reviews the history of societal and justice responses to domestic violence throughout American history, noting where we stand today.

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DOJ and HHS call for action to address abuse of older Americans: Elder Justice Roadmap outlines critical path to combating problem from ACL News, 7/9/14

July 17th, 2014 CaseyKeene No comments

The Elder Justice Roadmap, being published today, reflects the knowledge and perspectives of these experts in the field and will be considered by the Elder Justice Coordinating Council and others in developing their own strategic plans to prevent and combat elder abuse.

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Reporting Rape, and Wishing She Hadn’t: How One College Handled a Sexual Assault Complaint from the New York Times, 7/12/14

July 15th, 2014 CaseyKeene No comments

Disappointment is a recurring theme among many students who ask their schools to adjudicate their sexual-assault complaints. “Most of the students I work with say, ‘Had I known how bad the school process was, I would not have reported at all,’ ” said Annie E. Clark, who counsels assault victims on their rights.

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