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The new women warriors: Reviving the fight for equal rights from Cable News Network, Inc., 04/02/2015

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Last April, Scalia appeared at the National Press Club beside his judicial polar opposite — and friend — Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. The two were asked how they would amend the Constitution, if they could.

The Notorious R.B.G., as she is sometimes referred to these days, didn’t hesitate.

“If I could choose an amendment to add to this Constitution, it would be the Equal Rights Amendment,” she said.

“What do you mean by that?” asked the moderator, Marvin Kalb.

“It means that women are people equal in stature before the law,” she said. “We have achieved that through legislation, but legislation can be repealed. It can be altered. … That principle belongs in our Constitution. It is in every constitution written since the Second World War.”

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Study Details Lives of LGBT Youths Engaged in ‘Survival Sex’ from Associated Press, 2/25/2015

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A unique federally funded study offers a detailed look at the lives of gay, lesbian and transgender youth in New York City who cope with homelessness and poverty by engaging in what the researchers call “survival sex.”

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While Signs of Economic Recovery Persist, Domestic Violence on the Rise Nationwide
Mary Kay Identifies: Demand for Help is Up-Services, Funding and Prevention Programs are Down from Market Watch, 5/1/12

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The article reports, “Though many areas of life are recovering from the economic downturn, domestic violence shelters throughout the United States report that the economy continues to significantly affect battered women and children. While shelters shine a spotlight on the widespread increase in domestic violence survivors seeking help nationwide, they also highlight a substantial decrease in shelter services, funding sources and prevention efforts to assist victims. In addition, shelters report that the abuse is getting more severe, survivors are staying in abusive relationships longer and shelters expect the situation will only stay the same or get worse in light of the economy — according to the fourth national ‘Mary Kay Truth About Abuse Survey.’”

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OPINION: Three Key Steps to Help a Woman Protect Her Finances When Leaving an Abusive Marriage from Forbes. 2/29/12

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The article reports, “Chris Brown’s performance and Best R&B Album win at the Grammy Awards earlier this month upset many women’s advocates (including me). Should the Recording Academy really be honoring and celebrating someone who brutally assaulted his girlfriend just three years ago? But, of course, that’s just the latest in a long string of unanswered questions surrounding the Chris Brown-Rhianna narrative. Chief among them, at least for me, is this one, perhaps the most heart-wrenching and puzzling of all: Why does anyone –and especially a star like Rhianna –stay in an abusive relationship? She has power, money, fame, advisors, fans . . . and yet Rhianna still can’t seem to break free from her abuser.”

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Mass. Senate Passes Domestic Violence Employment Protection Bill from Plymouth Patch, 1/15/12

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The article reports, “The Senate on Thursday passed legislation establishing new employment rights for victims of domestic violence that will help victims keep their jobs and increase long-term economic productivity. The vote was 34-0. The bill has wide support from advocacy organizations and the business community.”

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Opinion: Advocate: IRS needs greater understanding of domestic violence from The Hill, 1/11/12

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The article reports, “The IRS is ill-equipped to deal with victims of domestic abuse and violence, with some employees not having received needed training, according to a new federal report. The Office of the Taxpayer Advocate, an in-house and independent watchdog of the IRS, said abuse victims are often unaware of their tax and financial situations — and thus sometimes unable to supply paperwork required by the agency.”

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