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22.7 percent of pregnant women suffer intimate partner violence from, 12/12/14

December 19th, 2014 Justine No comments
Whilst for many women pregnancy is a happy time, for almost one in four it turns out not to be so enjoyable. An investigation into the prevalence of domestic violence against pregnant women has found that 22.7% endure some kind of violence – emotional, physical or sexual – within their relationship.

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Bell: More NFL Players Should Follow Chris Canty’s Lead Against Domestic Violence from USA TODAY, 4/16/13

April 18th, 2013 admin No comments

“The breakfast seminar, part of a national initiative, was aimed at educating coaches — from recreation leagues to the college level — about domestic violence against women and urging the coaches to use their influence to affect change.”

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Churches and Domestic Violence from Religion and Ethics NewsWeekly, 4/12/13

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“Domestic violence is often unnoticed, hidden from our eyes, but actually it is rampant in our society and in our communities. We know, of course, that there are probably women here this morning who have experienced violence in their own homes, and our heart goes out to you.”

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Women and Guns: New Ad and Research Show How Weak Gun Laws Turn Domestic Abuse into Murder from PR Newswire, 4/3/13

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“Mayors Against Illegal Guns continues its push for commonsense gun law reforms today with a new ad and research highlighting the disturbing link between violence against women and guns.  The ad features Elvin Daniel , a gun owner and NRA member whose sister Zina Daniel was murdered in the Brookfield, Wisconsin, spa shooting in October 2012.  Several days after she obtained a restraining order against her violent estranged husband – which made him a prohibited purchaser – he bought a semiautomatic handgun from a private online seller without a background check, which he used the next day to murder her and two other people.”

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National Leadership Crucial for Tackling Violence in DR Congo – UN Envoy from UN News Centre, 3/28/13

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“Conflict-related sexual violence is one of the most urgent challenges facing the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), a senior United Nations official says, stressing that leadership and responsibility on the part of the Government is critical to tackling this issue.”

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10,000 People Called Human Trafficking Hotline In 2011 from NPR, 6/12/2012

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The article reports, “A national hotline for human trafficking victims received calls from about 10,000 individuals last year, from every state in the union. A new report out today by the Polaris Project, which runs the 24-hour hotline through a federal grant, says the volume of calls for help is on the rise, as awareness of the problem grows.”

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