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This area contains resources relevant to research on domestic and sexual violence including Applied Research Documents, data sets, research and evaluation tools, fact sheets, research reports, and other publications that provide an analysis, critique and/or review of current related issues. Click on the buttons below to access two new resources:
1) The Domestic Violence Evidence Project, an initiative of the National Resource Center on Domestic Violence designed to respond to the growing emphasis on identifying and integrating “evidence-based practice."
2) Understanding Evidence, an interactive web resource developed by CDC that supports public health practitioners in making evidence-informed decisions around violence prevention.



Resources listed in this area build a strong case for the implementation of screening and assessment tools for victims and perpetrators of violence against women in various settings.
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This area features research on the consequences of violence against women, exploring the challenges that may arise from trauma and the capacity for resiliency exhibited by survivors.
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Data Sets

This area features publicly-accessible online data sets on violence against women, and provides information about utilizing and/or analyzing data to enhance the work of advocates and others working to end domestic and sexual violence.
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Guidelines & Recommendations for Conducting Research

The resources listed in this area provide guidance and recommendations for conducting research on violence against women.
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Homicide & Femicide

This section includes fatality reports and research related to lethality and intimate partner homicide prevention.

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Program Evaluation

The program evaluation tools and guidelines included here offer practical considerations and strategies for conceptualizing and carrying out program evaluation in violence against women organizations.
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Researcher/Practitioner Collaboration

This area highlights tips for establishing and maintaining successful collaborations between researchers and practitioners in order to produce the most useful research on issues relevant to ending violence.
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Service/Shelter Utilization

This area highlights research on the role that traditional domestic and sexual violence services play in survivors' lives, and the effectiveness of those services.

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Technology-Assisted Abuse/Internet Crime

The research highlighted in this area explores the ways that abusers and perpetrators use technology to harass, threaten, surveille, exploit, and violate their victim(s).
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Understudied Populations

This section includes research on populations impacted by domestic and sexual violence about whom there is a scant body of literature.

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Use of Data & Statistics

The resources included here address how to evaluate and use data, providing recommendations for considering the credibility, value and limitations of research and data collection methods.
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Violent Crime

This area features reports on violent crime as it intersects with violence against women.

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