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Research: Researcher & Practitioner Collaboration

This area highlights tips for establishing and maintaining successful collaborations between researchers and practitioners in order to produce the most useful research on issues relevant to ending violence.

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This document is intended to help demystify social science research for those who could make use of the findings but lack specialized training in research methods.
Authors: Guttmacher Institute
This document was created to assist organizations in their collaboration with researchers or local universities. The document will help organizations evaluate research proposals when asked to participate in or support a specific project.
Authors: Carol E. Jordan, M.S. & Rebecca Campbell, Ph.D.
September 2001
Concisely summarizes advice and information collected from the perspectives of victim advocates, practitioners, and researchers about ways to create effective collaborations that produce the most useful research on issues relevant to ending violence.
Authors: V.E. Mouradian, M.B. Mechanic and L.M. Williams
The protocol recognizes that while there is a growing need for domestic violence service providers to become active in assessing the value and process of research, these programs have an obligation to assess both the risks and benefits of each research study and to ensure that the safety and confidentiality of participants will be maintained.
Authors: Holly Rosen, Cris Sullivan, and Mary Keefe