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Research: Data Sets

A data set is a grouping or collection of information that is compiled for research purposes, consisting of multiple elements that are assigned specific meaningful values. This data, or information, may have been collected during research studies, using routine or special surveillance or tracking protocols, or represent reports of service records. Data sets are gathered through such data collection tools as surveys, questionnaires, interviews, or a review of records. The information collected into a data set is usually assigned number values and organized electronically into a table. This allows researchers to analyze the data and run statistical tests in order to draw conclusions about relationships between elements, or variables. National, state, and local data sets can be utilized by advocates as a valuable tool to aid in grant-writing, public education and other activities.

This area features publicly-accessible online data sets on violence against women, found under the "General Collection" tab, and provides information about utilizing and/or analyzing data to enhance the work of advocates and others working to end domestic and sexual violence. If for any reason you cannot find what you're searching for, please send us a materials request via our online contact form.

January 1998
This document highlights the differences between two of the largest U.S. surveys that attempt to measure violence against women, and explores the factors that attribute to the differences in incidence rates of violence in each study.
Authors: Ronet Bachman