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Research: Understudied Populations

This section includes research on populations impacted by domestic and sexual violence about whom there is a scant body of literature. Recommendations for research and practice are provided.

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October 2011
This Applied Research paper summarizes findings of existing research and other documents on sex trafficking of Native women and girls in the U.S. and Canada and the legal issues related to their protection.
Authors: Alexandra (Sandi) Pierce and Suzanne Koepplinger
September 2009
This Applied Research paper provides a review of the research focusing on LGBT survivors of sexual trauma and offers recommendations for culturally competent service provision to LGBT clients.
Authors: Sabrina Gentlewarrior With contributions from Kim Fountain
September 2009
This article provides an update on what researchers have learned during the past ten years about abuse and women with disabilities and offers some perspectives on the state of current research and its implications for future studies and advocacy efforts.
Authors: Laurie E. Powers, Rosemary B. Hughes, and Emily M. Lund With contributions from Mary Wambach
October 2006
This paper synthesizes information on African American female victim/survivors. It addresses historical context, survivor traits, risk factors, health consequences, culturally sensitive responses, and resilience of survivors.
Authors: Carolyn M. West With contributions from Jacqueline Johnson
September 2006
This paper consolidates knowledge about the damaging interplay between homelessness and sexual violence. It clarifies steps researchers, policy-makers, and service providers can take to intervene with victims and prevent future sexual assaults.
Authors: Lisa A. Goodman, Ph.D., Katya Fels, & Catherine Glenn, M.A. With contributions from Judy Benitez
February 2006
This document provides an overview of the research on marital rape including a brief legal history of marital rape; discussion of its occurrence; summary of the effects; and an analysis of practitionersí intervention with marital rape survivors.
Authors: Raquel Kennedy Bergen With contributions from Elizabeth Barnhill
January 2005
The document covers the origins of our knowledge concerning the sexual abuse of women with disabilities, discusses data on women with disabilities and the men who abuse them, and explores the advocacy efforts of women with disabilities and their allies.
Authors: R. Amy Elman With contributions from Tiffany Lodholz
August 2004
As the publics concern about girls' aggression and violence is rising, this document reviews the objective evidence regarding youthful female violence, makes suggestions about what is occurring, and suggests ways to address the issue positively.
Authors: Meda Chesney-Lind
September 2003
This document addresses our current level of understanding of sexual assault in rural areas as it affects both victims and service providers, identifying the need to recognize a wide variety of rural configurations and cultural characteristics.
Authors: Susan H. Lewis With contributions from Ellen Reed
April 2003
Despite many similarities, the risk factors for and consequences of sexual violence within adolescent relationships differs from adult marital or cohabiting relationships. As such, programs must be tailored to meet the specialized needs of the population.
Authors: Holly Harner With contributions from Barri Rosenbluth