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Sexual Violence: Education & Awareness

This area includes strategies for raising awareness and increasing community engagement to end sexual violence. Specific campaigns and initiatives are identified, in addition to outreach strategies and materials for training individuals to identify, prevent, and respond to sexual violence in various settings. Several kits and tools are provided.

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August 2011
This session focuses on effective use of social media to engage your constituents and get your message of anti-violence out to the community.
Authors: Nakia D. Hansen
February 2, 2011
This webinar recording addresses the process of incorporating social media into prevention work on college campuses.
Authors: Tom Workman and Rebecca Allen
October 2009
This webinar focused specifically on how the domestic violence community can utilize social networking sites, tools, and applications to get our message of prevention and effective intervention out to the community.
Authors: Nakia Hansen for the National Resource Center on Domestic Violence (NRCDV)
This toolkit on the use of social marketing in outreach and education to youth may help in designing an outreach plan or educational goals addressing healthy sexuality as part of a primary prevention program.
Authors: California STD/HIV Prevention Training Center