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Sexual Violence: Prevention

This area provides resources to support primary, secondary, and tertiary prevention efforts that identify and address factors that perpetuate and increase risk of sexual violence. Materials listed here feature prevention theory and “model” or “promising” programs, curricula, and initiatives. Evaluation materials are provided to help guide evidence-based, cost-effective prevention efforts.

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This fact sheet was designed to provide website editors with tips on the benefits and safety issues regarding placing photos of children on websites.
Authors: Childnet International
This brochure is geared towards parents and offers information on the benefits and risks of being online and how they can reduce those risks and keep their children safe online.
Authors: Lawrence J. Magid
This article features information on the unique risks that children face online as well as simple steps that parents can take to keep their children safe online.
Authors: Mindi McDowell & Allen Householder
This is a collection of currently available resources and initiatives related to child sexual abuse prevention. The handbook provides descriptions of organizations, programs, projects and a wide range of resources.
Authors: National Sexual Violence Resource Center
These 40 developmental assets are concrete, common sense, positive experiences and qualities essential to raising successful young people - having the potential to influence choices children make and help them become caring, responsible adults.
Authors: Search Institute
January 2005
This select reading list includes books exploring gender socialization in U.S. culture.
Authors: Women's Center Library/North Hall, UC Davis
September 2004
This report describes findings and analysis regarding the cost-effectiveness of research-based prevention and early intervention programs for youth with a demonstrated ability to achieve 7 outcomes including reduction in child abuse and domestic violence.
Authors: Steve Aos, Roxanne Lieb, Jim Mayfield, Marna Miller, and Annie Pennucci
This fact sheet contains information for parents about "spam", or unsolicited commercial (or bulk) email.
Authors: Childnet International
Informational booklet on ways that adults can protect children from child sexual abuse. The steps range from learning the signs of abuse to knowing the legal requirements for reporting the abuse.
Authors: Darkness to Light
This newsletter provides useful information for parents and caregivers when teaching their children the difference between "good" and "bad" touch and how to set boundaries to their own bodies.
Authors: Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States (SIECUS)