Sexual Violence: Prevention

This area provides resources to support primary, secondary, and tertiary prevention efforts that identify and address factors that perpetuate and increase risk of sexual violence. Materials listed here feature prevention theory and “model” or “promising” programs, curricula, and initiatives. Evaluation materials are provided to help guide evidence-based, cost-effective prevention efforts.

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Winter 2010
This Winter 2010 newsletter addresses the bystander intervention approach to sexual violence prevention.
Authors: Partners in Social Change / various authors
This brief article explains the term "gender socialization" as a process of learning cultural roles according to one's sex, and provides examples of ways in which these are incorporated through parental and societal expectations from boys and girls.
Authors: UNICEF
This step-by-step guide provides practical steps explaining how to go about engaging boys and men as partners to stop the violence against boys and girls, women and other men.
Authors: Laxman Belbase, Turid Heiberg & Gemma Pillars
This paper outlines recent Australian community education campaigns directed at men and the dilemmas with which they deal. It then identifies five key challenges in such work.
Authors: Dr. Michael Flood
This fact sheet lists ten practical things that men can do to help end violence against women.
Authors: White Ribbon Campaign
This 2-page document reviews how promoting and achieving gender equality is a critical element of the prevention of violence against women.
Authors: International Planned Parenthood Federation
This summary outlines the purposes and themes of the multi-day discussion that took place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Themes from the report include how to address men’s violence against women and children, issues related to sexuality and gender identity, and other gender equity issues.
Authors: Lucille C. Atkin with support from Gary Barker, Christine Ricardo, Marcos Nascimento and Gabriela Azevedo de Aguiar
In this article a white, male activist discusses his experience of being confronted by women activists as sexist and addressing these concerns.
Authors: Chris Crass
This review evaluates parenting interventions to prevent child sexual abuse and impact gender socialization.
Authors: Laura McCloskey
April 2011
The paper examines root causes of gender-based violence, including socialization of men, power and patriarchy, masculinities, and gender inequality. Also included are promising strategies, best practices, and effective frameworks for engaging men and boys in the effort to reduce and prevent gender-based violence with a focus on Canada.
Authors: Todd Minerson, Humberto Carolo, Tuval Dinner, and Clay Jones