Men in the Movement to End Violence Against Women: Organizations and Programs

National Resource Center on Domestic Violence (NRCDV)

This collection highlights several pro-feminist organizations and programs for men working to end violence against women. It is one in a series of three special collections focusing on the domestic violence prevention and education efforts of men.

Note: The following list was developed by the National Resource Center on Domestic Violence (NRCDV) to serve as a resource for domestic violence advocates and others concerned about safety and justice for women and their children. VAWnet provides these resources as a source of information that you can evaluate on your terms and for your own needs, and inclusion on this list does not constitute an endorsement by the NRCDV.


Dads & Daughters (DADs)
"Dads and Daughters is the national advocacy nonprofit for fathers and daughters. DADs inspires fathers to actively and deeply engage in the lives of their daughters and galvanizes fathers and others to transform the pervasive cultural messages that devalue girls and women."

Men Stopping Violence (MSV)
"Men Stopping Violence was founded in 1982 based on the premise that men can work together, in alliance with the battered women's movement, to end men's violence against women. It is a social change organization dedicated to ending men's violence against women. While Men Stopping Violence works with individual men who batter, they maintain that substantive change involves shifting the norms that tacitly condone and promote violence against women, believing that men can work as allies to end violence against women---individual and institutional. Men Stopping Violence is committed to ending all forms of oppression and creating a world that respects all forms of life."

National Compadres Network (NCN)
"NCN is a national effort whose focus is the reinforcement of the positive involvement of Latino males in the lives of their families, communities, and society. Based on the principles of 'Un Hombre Noble' (A Noble Man), the mission of the National Compadres Network is to strengthen, rebalance, and/or redevelop the traditional 'Compadre' extended family system. It's by this process that they encourage and support the positive involvement of Latino males as fathers, sons, grandfathers, brothers, compadres, partners, and mentors in their families and community. By increasing the positive support and influence of Latino males in their family and society it will also reduce the incidence of substance abuse, domestic violence, child abuse, teen pregnancy, gang violence, and other family and community problems. By way of this ongoing effort, it is our hope that children and families will have a safer, healthier, happier world in which to live and grow."

National Latino Fatherhood and Family Institute
"The National Latino Fatherhood and Family Institute brings together nationally recognized leaders in the fields of Latino health, education, social services, and community outrea ch. Their mission is to build upon Latino cultural strengths and traditions and offer a path for men of all ages to become Un Hombre Noble, or a Noble Man. All My Relations is one program based on the principles of Un Hombre Noble which helps Latino men identify and appropriately express anger and frustration in personal, work, and family relationships."

National Organization for Men Against Sexism (NOMAS)
"The National Organization for Men Against Sexism (NOMAS) is the oldest pro-feminist men's group in the United States. Founded in 1975 with the First National Conference on Men & Masculinity, for over 25 years NOMAS has promoted the cause of gender equality and social justice for everyone through its principles of pro-feminism, gay-affirmation, anti-racism and enhancing men's lives."


Men Ending Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault in Texas
"This page aims to serve as a collection of resources for men, primarily in Texas, who are working to end domestic violence and sexual assault in their families and communities. It grew out of discussions during and subsequent to the 3 rd Forum on Men's Work to End Violence Against Women organized by the Texas Council on Family Violence March 20-22, 2002 in Austin, Texas. At present it contains links to external resources, and a featured article or poem of the month."

Men's Initiative for Jane Doe, Inc.
"The Men's Initiative for Jane Doe Inc. (MIJD) is a collaboration of men's outreach projects throughout the state of Massachusetts organizing support from men in their communities for Jane Doe Inc. statewide and its member agencies locally. Purposes: To promote men's role in ending violence, abuse and oppression; To link, support and encourage men's projects to end violence; To build partnership with Jane Doe Inc. through it's member organizations."

Men's Nonviolence Project (MNP) - Texas Council on Family Violence
"The Men's Nonviolence Project pursues safety and justice for women, works to hold men accountable for their violence and abuse, and strives to eradicate the sexism from which violence against women grows. Formerly known as the Battering Intervention and Prevention Project (BIPP) where primary activities were centered on service provision, the project was reconceptualized as the Men's Nonviolence Project. The MNP project still offers these services, but has widened its view to encompass the understanding that intervention groups for identified domestic violence offenders by themselves will never stop violence against women."

Men's Resource Center of Western Massachusetts
"The mission of The Men's Resource Center Of Western Massachusetts is to support men, challenge men's violence, and develop men's leadership in ending oppression in ourselves, our families, and our communities. Our programs support men to overcome the damaging effects of rigid and stereotyped masculinity, and simultaneously confront men's patterns of personal and societal violence and abuse toward women, children, and other men."


Mentors in Violence Prevention (MVP)
"The Mentors in Violence Prevention (MVP) Program is a gender violence prevention and education program based at Northeastern University's Center for the Study of Sport in Society. The multi-racial, mixed gender MVP team is the first large-scale attempt to enlist high school, collegiate, and professional athletes in the effort to prevent all forms of men's violence against women. Utilizing a unique bystander approach to gender violence prevention, the MVP Program views student-athletes and student leaders not as potential perpetrators or victims, but as empowered bystanders who can confront abusive peers. Program participants develop leadership skills and learn to mentor and educate younger boys and girls on these issues."
* For more information about the Mentors in Violence Prevention (MVP) Model, see "Mentors in Violence Prevention (MVP): Gender Violence Prevention Education & Training" by Jackson Katz.

Tufts Collective for Men Against Violence (TCMAV)
"TCMAV is a group of Tufts University students and faculty who are concerned with issues surrounding violence. They seek to educate the community and themselves about these issues, explore their identities, and create social change. Goals include: facilitating awareness and prevention of sexual assault and domestic violence; promoting healthy relationships and interpersonal communication skills; confronting prejudice that leads to violence including homophobia, sexism, and racism; teaching anger management, conflict resolution, and constructive assertiveness; challenging members to explore issues surrounding masculinity, sexuality, and gender; supporting institutions effecting change in these areas."

Western Men Against Violence
"Western Men Against Violence is open to all Western Washington University male students, staff, and faculty. The group is comprised of men with a variety of interests and backgrounds. What they all share is a desire to end violence in order to create a safer, more welcoming community for everyone. Activities include outreach programs, retreats, community service, campus events, and resource provision."


Gloucester Men Against Domestic Abuse
"Gloucester Men Against Domestic Abuse (GMADA) is a non-incorporated association, staffed by volunteers, whose goal is to work toward ending domestic violence in Gloucester, Massachusetts. In Gloucester over 500 men from a variety of backgrounds have declared that in the community's work sites, coffee shops, locker rooms, schools, homes, and even in bars, domination of women is no longer seen as a way to be a strong man."

Men for Change - United Family Services
"In an effort to bring public attention and to raise money for domestic violence programs, a group of concerned men have organized an annual project called Men For Change. Now in its sixth year, Men For Change is encouraging men of all walks of life to stand up against domestic violence by attending a fundraising breakfast and by agreeing to have their names published in newspaper ads on or around Father's Day. We want to get the attention of men and women from all professions, community leaders, tax payers and especially those who work with children, our community's future. We are raising funds to help expand critical services to battered women who reach out for help. These are the most effective ways we know of to stop the vicious cycle of domestic violence."

Men for HAWC
"Men for HAWC's mission is to bring men together to join with Help for Abused Women and their Children (HAWC) in raising awareness and taking action to end men's abuse against women and their children in our communities."

Across the Globe

EuroPRO-Fem: European Menprofeminist Network
"Backed by the European Community, our aims are to deconstruct the male gender, carry out more critical analysis of the modes of male domination, try to understand how macho, homophobic societies make us into dominating men, and assert our desire to live in peace without violence, without war between men and without oppression of women. We affirm that men as well as women want to build a new society where gender is not the central factor discriminating between individuals, who should be free to choose the life styles that suit them. The network is open to all men and women, groups, networks, publications, etc. who want to strive for a non-patriarchal society that rejects violence, homophobia and any gender-based discrimination."

Men Against Violence Against Women (MAVAW)
"MAVAW's mission is to reduce, in the first instance and eventually eradicate violence against women in society, using a multidisciplinary approach focussing on correcting behaviour skill and belief system deficits. MAVAW is a proactive way to take responsibility for male violence and to contribute towards the creation of a violent-free society i.e.: It puts concerned men to work and to identify with problem solving; It allows men trying to change to succeed in their efforts by working to help others; and It tries to reach men in denial, who still have live in violent relationships, by offering them support and a way out."

Men For Change
"The members of Men For Change are dedicated towards promoting positive masculinity and ending sexism and violence. They are a men's group based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada that started after the Montreal Massacre in 1989. Since that time they have worked in the community to promote healthy and nurturing masculinity."

Promundo Instituto
"We aim to improve the lives of children, youth and their families by focusing on the areas of gender, youth and health and the strengthening of family and community supports for children and youth." Projects include the Men & Gender Violence Project, promoting prevention of violence against women, and the Guy to Guy Project, aiming to change community norms related to gender violence.

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